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(2 DAYS)


This two-day course provides comprehensive review of financial statement fraud, highlighting how these frauds are committed and how costly they can be to an organization with the aid of case studies. It reviews the common schemes with the view of detecting potential frauds and considers different options available to an organization in-order to minimize exposure to such schemes. In addition, the course addresses the need for adequate and effective control environment to reduce risk to financial statement fraud. The course objectives will be met by a combination of lectured sessions covering common types of financial statement fraud and schemes, with the aid of questions, cases, exercises and financial statements that illustrate the real-world financial statement


The course objectives will be met by a combination of lectured, with the aid of questions, case studies and exercises.



Internal and external auditors, Financial accounting management (treasury and controller), Accounts payable and procurement management, HR management, Legal, compliance, and ethics management, Corporate training managers, Regulators. Some accounting/finance experience and a basic working knowledge of the elements of financial statements will be helpful. No advance preparation is required for this course.

Program Level - Intermediate

Delivery Method - Live Group


  • Understand major and emerging type of financial statement frauds, using case study.

  • Explains the underlying accounting principles, citing both U.S. GAAP and IFRS that are violated when fraud is perpetrated

  • Review key ratios and red flags that may indicate the presence of financial statement fraud

  • Learn other techniques skills used in detecting financial statement fraud schemes

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