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The seminar has been designed to provide with the knowledge and skills needed to understand the new Basel III framework, help participants to understand the qualitative and quantitative impacts on their businesses and achieve compliance within time lines. The course will provide a comprehensive training  on the core changes to the capital adequacy framework, concepts for allocation of capital to risk, liquidity risk and global liquidity standard comprising a stressed liquidity coverage ratio and a longer-term structural liquidity ratio


The course objectives will be met by a combination of lectured, with the aid of questions, case studies and exercises.


This course is for Accountants, Credit and Investment Bankers, Portfolio Managers, Securities Analysts, Pension Fund Managers, internal auditors, regulators, and Financial Analysts, but is also appropriate for a broader audience who wish to gain insight into Financial Instrument accounting. The course assumes a basic understanding of accounting.

Program Level - Intermediate

Delivery Method - Live Group


At the end of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the starting point and objectives of legislative package to strengthen the regulation of the banking sector

  • Explain the most important provisions resulting from the Basel III regulation

  • Identify the issues impacting their business and take appropriate actions

  • Identify various measures considered by regulatory authorities to increase stability of the financial market

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